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Julius Caesar Wiki Project 




As part of your collaborative study of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, you will create a Wiki page. In designing this electronic source to supplement your reading and deepen your understanding of the play and the era before and during the Roman Empire, you will research and provide information relevant to the play and the time period. The page will be on select topics listed below. The purpose of this online source is to provide a noteworthy and engaging online source for all who have an interest in or are studying Caesar that will far surpass other online study materials!



Design an accurate, informative, user-friendly, and highly engaging Wiki page. Graphics are to be included. Be creative and include helpful links, videos, pod casts if appropriate and possible, etc.



The Wiki page will contain varied information regarding Caesar, both historical and fictional. The following is a list of topics of possible interest:

                -Life and Times of Julius Caesar

                -William Shakespeare the playwright, Elizabethan actors, and stage techniques

                -Globe Theatre- Past and Present

                -Roman Empire

·         Form of government- Tarquins->First & Second Triumvirates

·         Politics

·         Culture

-Roman Women and Cleopatra

-History of Pompey

-Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece

-Landmarks- great builders of Rome

-Famous Romans

-Historical view of Brutus, Cassius, Antony



The school library will have selected websites and a cart shelved with suitable books for your use. Other libraries such as the Norwalk Public Library and the Westport Public Library may be helpful. You may also use any reliable internet sources.



·         You must provide a printed copy of your section of the Wiki page as well as a list of referenced sources in compiling the information.

·         A rubric will be forthcoming.

·         As you know, late projects are lowered one letter grade per day, including weekends, so please plan accordingly.


Due Date:     __________________________________


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