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Famous People

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Below is a list of Famous Romans in order of importance, according to Matt Lipson, Amanda Lipson, and Kristin Harris. Included with each Roman will be a short biography and why they ranked what they did.



Saint Helena












Marc Antony












Romulus and Remus




Jupiter is the most famous Roman due to his position as the king of Gods. He holds the same position as the Greek god Zeus. In addition to being king of all the Gods, he is also the god of the sky and wind. He was also called Diespiter Optimus Maximus, which means "Father God the Best and Greatest." In Rome he ruled over all Roman laws and social order. In Latin mythology Jupiter is the father of Mars which would make him the grandfather of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. He is the son of Saturn. He was greatly admired in Roman religion and is still admired today in Religio Romana Neopaganism, which is a modern-day Roman revivialist movement. Jupiter was worshipped at the largest temple in Rome along with two other Roman gods, Juno and Minerva. He was also worshipped outside the temple in the form of a stone sculpture. The stone was made an oath stone. Besides this huge Roman temple, there were many other temples around the Roman Empire dedicated to Jupiter. It was believed that Jupiter was the overseer of Cosmic Justice and all Romans swore to Jupiter in their courts. Jupiter is the most important Roman because he was known and worshipped by such a huge amount of people. Everyone respected Jupiter and many aspects of Roman society were based on Jupiter's legend and legacy. He was the only being considered to be higher than the rulers of Rome and he was deeply respected by all the rulers. Jupiter has left such a huge legacy that modern Roman religious revival movements still worship Jupiter as the king of all Gods and the ruler of everyone on Earth. Jupiter will always have a huge legacy and he will always remain a very important figure in Roman culture.

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